Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Do If I Have a Problem During the Accommodation Process?

We deal with all kinds of problems and complaints regarding the holiday residence you rent during your stay, 24 hours a day. We meet the needs of our guests both with the property owners and with our own staff. It will be sufficient to inform us by phone or e-mail.

Villa Privacy and Security

In these categories; The garden and pool area are surrounded by walls, curtains, ivy, but we cannot guarantee 100% privacy. We have detached villas suitable for conservative families. These villas are mostly preferred by our families and/or guests who care about privacy. Thanks to this new villa concept, our guests get rid of the separations in the conservative hotel concept and families/spouses/honeymooners spend time together by the pool and enjoy their holiday.

Is there a requirement to be a family in accommodation?

No, there is no requirement to be a family, you can have a holiday with your friends. Just have your ID or passport with you.

What is Damage Deposit?

The deposit is a fee received by the company officer after the house check is made at the check-in to the house. At the end of your holiday, before leaving the villa, the company officer checks the house. As long as there is no damage, this fee will be refunded to you at check-out. Damage deposits differ for each villa.

What Are Customer Responsibilities?

Customers are authorized to use all the furniture of the holiday homes they rent, but they will use all the furniture and equipment cleanly, and they will immediately notify our company when they cause any damage. Before leaving the villa, they will pay for any damage they may cause to the villa during their stay and for any lost property. They will avoid all kinds of behavior and noise that may disturb the environment. In addition, they will not keep any illegal weapons, drugs, etc. The villa will not be used for any illegal activity. The customer is also responsible for possible accidents and damages that may occur due to his own fault in the rented house during the rental period and other individuals accompanying him.

The maximum number of people is specified in the descriptions of each holiday homes, it should not exceed the number of guests stated during the rental period and confirmed on the receipt/document, the number of people staying in the house includes children and babies. If the maximum number of people who can stay at home is exceeded, a large number of people will be asked to leave the house or a certain amount of extra fee will be charged.

During the pre-reservation phase of the holiday homes, transactions are carried out in line with the customer's declaration. The customer accepts and undertakes that the information he has given is correct and complete. Our company is not responsible for the problems caused by incomplete or incorrect information given by the customer.

Is There a Limit on the Number of Persons Staying?

Yes, max 3 adults 1 baby (0-4 years old) in studio apartments, max 5 adults 1 baby (0-4 years old) in Residence Apartments and 8 adults and 2 babies (0-4 years old) in exclusive villas.

The number of people stated in our advertisements is the maximum number of people. The materials in the houses (towels, kitchen utensils, chairs, hot water tanks, etc.) are adjusted according to the capacity. Child or children up to 4 years of age are not included in the number of persons in the scope of infants. As normal beds are offered for a child or children over 4 years old, they are treated as full persons. However, if a child bed is provided for a fee or free of charge from the host for these children or child, they are considered out of the full number of people. In case of detection of situations exceeding the capacity, the contract is terminated and the landlord has the authority to evict you from the house. The expandable portable beds, sofas and capacity increases in the houses will be stated in the announcement description. Deficiencies that may exceed the total capacity will not be taken into account. Extra bed requests are generally answered negatively. Because providing, bringing and taking the bed requires a serious burden. For such extra bed requests, the host may charge an extra person fee based on the cost per person.

What should we bring with us when we come?

The kitchen utensils of the villas are fully equipped and there are not only blender style products, but a set of bath and face towels and beds are delivered ready for everyone. Apart from your personal belongings, maybe you can bring your camera and laptop or a beach towel to use on the beach.

What are the Villa Check-in/Check-out Hours?

In all our villas, the check-in time to the villa is usually as of 15:00, and the check-out time from the villa is until 10:00 at the latest. During this time, the villa is cleaned. If the rented villa is available the day before your check-in day, early check-in may be offered.

What is the Minimum Length of Stay?

Minimum Rental period specified in the advertisements; It shows at least how many days the villa can be rented. Since the villa rental system is a very different system from hotel, motel, hostel, holiday village rental systems, these restrictions are imposed.

How Often Is Pool Maintenance Done?

It is regularly maintained daily by the pool maintenance staff. These issues should be considered in order to prevent problems that may occur due to excessive use of oil, entering with clothes, etc. while entering the pool. Draining and refilling the pool water is a costly and time-consuming process.

The pool is cleaned regularly from the first day it is filled, the necessary spraying and circulation are done. For this reason, there is no need to change the pool water as there is no problem in terms of health and hygiene.

Can We Bring Pets to the Villa?

Unless otherwise stated, pets are not allowed in our villas.

How is the cleaning of the villa done?

The cleaning of the villas is done in the time period between the check-in and check-out times of the customers. For weekly rentals, extra cleaning requested during the week is not included in the price.

How do we find and settle in the house we rent?

Each ad contains a map showing the location of the house. The phone numbers of the facility staff are included in the reservation confirmation form. On the day of your arrival, the facility manager will send you your location from your phone number in the system and you will reach your home.

If you wish, if you inform the arrival date and time, the transfer vehicle we will send will accompany you to your villa after picking you up from the airport or bus station.

The rental price includes the accommodation of a suitable number of people for the specified accommodation capacity of the villa, Wi-Fi, all general expenses during the rental period, entrance cleaning, pool and garden maintenance, technical service in case of breakdown, and VAT of the villa rental commission fee.

Is Visitor Allowed?

Guests staying in the restaurant and apartments are allowed until 23:00. If visitors are entertained, they must comply with the 1744 identification law and submit an identification report to management.

How can I make a reservation?

Reservation by Phone: After determining the holiday residence you want to make a reservation for, the name of the villa will be requested by the authorized personnel to find out which holiday residence it is. After checking the reservation status of the dates you request, our authorized personnel will receive the information that we can reach you, and the account information you will pay you is specified. The villa or apartment is blocked in your name on the dates you specify, and the "Reservation Confirmation" is sent to you by fax or e-mail within 24 hours at the latest.