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Rent your home stress-free, quickly, and reliably with our technology-supported property management system. Earn more compared to long-term rentals. Our positive relationships and effective business models ensure long-term profitable agreements for homeowners and construction companies!

As of 2024, the penalties for not complying with the laws and regulations regarding the tourism-oriented rental of residences are quite severe. If you want your private villa with a pool to be rented professionally and corporately, contact us. Let's create the most suitable conditions together. If you prefer, continue to enjoy your holidays in your own villa on your preferred dates.

Adding Value to Your Home: Provides the flexibility of extending and terminating the contract at your convenience. Your rent will be credited to your account on the specified date.

High and Guaranteed Earnings: We provide unique short-term rental strategies by analyzing the features of your home.We rent your villa at its value. We eliminate the risks you have experienced before. Our business, a member of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism - Turkey Travel Agencies Association, serves as a guarantor for your rental income.

Maintenance and Repairs: We take care of all maintenance and repairs. Our professional technical team manages all the details flawlessly, ensuring that your villa remains well-maintained and elegant at all times. We also secure the home content insurance of the residences with expert insurance companies, minimizing potential risks.

Long-Term Collaboration for Construction Companies: We guarantee the rental income of properties for construction companies. Your rental income does not get interrupted during tenant changes and maintenance-repair processes. We participate as a partner in many large projects, ensuring property owners sustainably achieve high income.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be sure about the reliability of your company?

In the villa rental sector, TÜRSAB (Association of Turkish Travel Agencies) is the most authoritative institution. All companies in the rental sector must be members of TÜRSAB. Kusadasi Tatilevleri (Karaefe Tours) is an A-class TÜRSAB member. Guests can personally verify our company's reliability before making reservations.

Why do homeowners choose Kusadasi Tatilevleri?

We handle the rental of annual or seasonal homes for homeowners. Thus, during the contract process, including tenant changes in the apartment, we act as a guarantor. Kusadasi Tatilevleri provides transparent property management services, protecting the rights of both homeowners and tenants with the contracts it makes. This eliminates the possibility of any negative scenarios with the tenant without the homeowner's involvement. Additionally, we take out insurance on all rented units, ensuring protection against potential issues.

What services can I benefit from?

Kusadasi Tatil Evleri offers professional services to homeowners, including cleaning services, linen changes, handing over and receiving guest keys, guest communication, 24/7 call management, and on-site intervention team for any issues during the tenant's stay.

What if I rent out my home myself?

The rental of residential properties for tourism purposes is an activity that can only be provided by travel agencies. According to the law, if these activities are carried out by individuals, institutions, or organizations that are not travel agencies, serious fines of up to 1 million Turkish Liras may be imposed. Kusadasi Tatilevleri, as a TÜRSAB authorized agency, takes responsibility and ensures that homeowners quickly earn income without the hassle.

What is the Daily Rental System? How does it work?

The daily rental villa system, widely practiced by foreign tourists in Europe for years, is a relatively new sector in our country. With this system, you can earn income from your private pool villa through daily or weekly rentals.

Is Short-Term Rental Suitable for Homeowners?

Short-term home rental services continue to gain popularity, offering various advantages to both homeowners and tenants. Homeowners can earn extra income by renting out their vacant homes, while tenants can have a more affordable and comfortable accommodation option compared to hotels. If a homeowner wants their home to be rented daily, they must comply with the law that came into effect on January 1, 2024.

What are the differences between Traditional and Short-Term Rentals?

If you want to generate regular income from your property, traditional leasing can provide a clear income over the annual contract period. However, your rights to increase prices may be limited due to changes in property prices and demand. With long-term contracts, you may need to keep price increases within a certain range even if your home appreciates in value. This hinders the advantage of periodically earning income from the property. In addition, short-term rentals provide full access and control over your home. You have the luxury of instantly managing maintenance and repair needs with immediate intervention, without the need for outside help.

What does Tourism-Purpose Residence mean?

Tourism-purpose residence refers to the rental of residences for the contribution to the tourism sector. Rentals for 100 days and below will be included in this category starting from January 1, 2024. Those who want to make daily rentals must obtain a tourism-purpose residence permit. Rentals for 100 days and more will continue with annual contracts. When we talk about tourism residences, the first thing that comes to mind is houses rented for short periods in holiday regions. However, winter tourism, cultural tourism, and trips related to food and drink are all separate branches of tourism. Therefore, in any region worth visiting and with a characteristic aspect, such residences can exist.

What is the Rental of Residences for Tourism Purposes?

According to the law published in the official gazette, rentals of 100 days and below are defined as rentals of residences for tourism purposes. Property owners who want to rent in this way are required to obtain a tourism residence permit. The regulation can be seen as a significant step in the tourism sector because there was no clear regulation for short-term home rentals before. With this regulation, property owners and tenants will better understand what they need to do, and tourism-purpose residence rental processes will become more transparent and organized.

What did the Tourism-Purpose Residence Rental Regulation bring?

The Tourism-Purpose Residence Rental Regulation was published in the official gazette on December 28, 2023. Official Gazette The law, also known as the law on rentals for 100 days and below and daily rentals, became even clearer with the new regulation. The regulation on the regulation of activities for the rental of residences for tourism purposes concerns everyone who wants to make short-term rentals, a term used in the industry.

How can I get a Tourism Residence Permit?

To obtain your tourism residence permit, you need to apply through e-government. According to the current law and regulation, different legal requirements exist for different types of properties and properties under different titles. If you have apartments in buildings, you need to get consent from other apartment owners, while this requirement is not necessary for villa-type properties. Different requirements exist for residential complexes of the residence type. Although this regulation may seem confusing at first, we believe that especially during the implementation of the regulations, questions and problems that may arise will be resolved.

 • What is the penalty for renting a house without a permit?

With the regulation made in daily rentals, not reporting people's identity information to law enforcement will now be considered a serious crime. The permit that homeowners will receive from e-government is very important. There are criminal penalties for renting a house short-term without a permit.If you are found to be renting a short-term house without a permit, you will have to pay a fine. You will be fined 100 thousand TL depending on the number of houses you rent. Additionally, you are given 15 days to obtain a permit.

Let's say you did not issue a permit after 15 days. You also continued daily rental activities. This is a sign that you will pay a new daily house rental penalty. This time, you will pay a fine of 500 thousand TL. If this situation repeats and you are caught, the penalty is up to 1 million TL. In recent years, renting someone else's house through unprofessional means has increased considerably. Beware of! There is also a restriction in this situation. Intermediaries who do not have a TÜRSAB Group A certificate will now face criminal proceedings. Apart from this, the penalty for intermediating in the rental of a house without a permit has been determined as 100 thousand TL.

• What are our advantages?

As an authorized tourism travel agency included in TÜRSAB A group, we manage your tourism residences in accordance with the new Airbnb law. Professional photography, visibility and prominence for your property on more than 50 global listing sites, 24/7 customer communication and regular cleaning are just some of the benefits we offer.

We manage and serve from our office based in Kuşadası. We work integrated with national and international marketing channels. We work with professional cleaning companies. We strictly comply with all the laws in the legislation. Call now to earn income from your property stress-free with the daily rental house method. +90 530 551 1643 or simply contact us