House of the Virgin Mary

According to Christian belief, Virgin Mary is known as the mother of Jesus and has great importance in Christianity. The birth, life and teachings of Jesus are central to the Christian faith, and the Virgin Mary is an important part of this story. According to the Bible, Mary's pregnancy is a miraculous event, and in Christianity it indicates that Jesus is the son of God.

Details about the life and personality of the Virgin Mary are largely found in the Christian Bible, the Bible. In the Bible, some information is given about Mary's life before the birth of Jesus and her pregnancy process. Mary is traditionally described as a Jewish teenage girl living in Nazareth, a small town near Jerusalem. The Bible tells that Mary was visited by the angel Gabriel and gave the good news that she would give birth to Jesus by God's grace.

The Virgin Mary is depicted as a loving mother who helped raise and raise Jesus after his birth. The presence of the Virgin Mary is also frequently mentioned throughout Jesus' public life, especially during Jesus' miracles and teachings. It is believed that when Jesus was crucified and killed, the Virgin Mary also experienced this pain deeply. Catholic, Orthodox and some other Christian denominations venerate the Virgin Mary and consider her a sacred figure. In the Catholic tradition, the Virgin Mary is known as the "Mother of Faith" and is prayed to. In the Orthodox Church, the Virgin Mary is called "Theotokos", meaning "Birth of God".

Pope visits:

The House of Virgin Mary has been visited and blessed by various popes. The first pilgrimage was made by Pope Benedict XIII in 1896. It was built by Leo and was last visited by Pope Francis in 2014. Current Status:

Current status:

The House of Virgin Mary has been restored and now serves as a chapel. It welcomes visitors from around the world with services held every year on the 15th of August. The life and influence of the Virgin Mary is deeply rooted in Christian history and culture. Faith and reverence for him continues to play an important role in the lives of Christians.