The Temple of Apollo

Didim Temple of Apollo is known as one of the most important prophecy centers of the ancient world and is located in Didim district of Aydın. Here is some information about the temple's history, cultural significance and current status:


Didim Temple of Apollo, BC. It is a sacred area connected to the 'Sacred Way' of Miletos since the 7th and 6th centuries1. Temple, B.C. With its construction starting in the 4th and 5th centuries, it is considered the third largest temple in the ancient world2. B.C. by the Persians. It was destroyed in 494, but its reconstruction began after Alexander the Great liberated the region from Persian domination.

Cultural Significance:

Didim Temple of Apollo is known as the second most important oracle center after Delphi and played an important religious and political role in the city of Miletus and the Mediterranean basin4. The temple was visited or envoys were sent to the temple by many important rulers seeking the grace and guidance of the god Apollo.

Current Status:

The temple is considered among the best-preserved temples of ancient times and was partially reconstructed during scientific excavations carried out between 1906 and 19132. Today, the temple was built in the Ionic style and is known as the third largest temple in the world2. The temple is open to visitors every day and can be found in the city center of Didim district of Aydın Province. Didim Temple of Apollo offers visitors a unique experience with its historical and cultural heritage and brings the fascinating structure of the ancient world to the present day.


The temple complex includes not only the temple but also a sacred area. The temple served as a center for many votive offerings and religious rituals. Other structures around the temple included galleries with columns, altars and buildings where priests resided.

Restoration and Visits

Didim Temple of Apollo has been subjected to various restoration works over time. Today, the temple ruins are open to visitors and are a popular tourist destination to experience the atmosphere of ancient times and witness the majestic architecture. Didim Temple of Apollo is a fascinating structure that served as an important center of the worship of Apollo in ancient times. Today, the temple ruins remain important as a place for tourists and history lovers to visit. The temple is part of the rich historical and cultural heritage of the Didim region.