I Want to Rent Out My Villa & House?

Our advantages ?

Rent your home stress-free, quickly and reliably with our technology-supported property management system, and earn more than long-term rentals. Our positive relationship and effective business models ensure profitable long-term deals for homeowners and construction companies! As of 2024, the penalties for not complying with the laws and regulations regarding the rental of residences for tourism purposes are quite severe. If you want your villa with private pool to be rented in a professional and corporate manner, contact us. Let's create the most suitable conditions for you together. If you want, you can continue your holiday in your own villa on the dates you prefer.

How can I be sure about the reliability of your company?

All companies in the villa rental sector are required to be TÜRSAB members. As Kusadasi Tatilevleri (Karaefe Tours), we have a CLASS A TÜRSAB membership. We rent your homes to homeowners on an annual or seasonal basis. Thus, it acts as a guarantor during the contract process, including tenant changes in the flat. Kusadasi Tatilevleri provides a transparent property management service by protecting the rights of both parties through contracts with landlords and tenants. In this way, even in the event of a possible negative experience with the tenant, the landlord takes the necessary steps without the need for the landlord to be involved in the process. In addition, it provides security for any negativities that may occur by providing contents insurance in all rented units.

What is the Daily Villa Rental System? How does it work ?

The daily rental villa system, which has been used by foreign tourists in Europe for years and is rented especially by families for short or long-term trips, is a sector that is just beginning to be learned in our country. Thanks to this system, you can earn money from your villa with private pool by renting it daily or weekly. We are offering professional services to homeowners. Among these, cleaning services, linen changes, guest key delivery and pick-up, guest communication, 24/7 call management and an on-site response team provide on-site solutions against any negative experiences that tenants may experience during their stay. You have the luxury of controlling maintenance and repair needs with immediate intervention before they grow.

What happens if I rent my house myself for a short term?

Villa, room, apartment etc. Activities of using residential real estate for tourism accommodation needs are among the services that can only be provided by travel agencies, and if it is determined that these activities are carried out by individuals, institutions and organizations that are not travel agencies, criminal sanctions are in question. Don't take any risks, call now and benefit from our professional services.

How to obtain a tourism residence permit for residences?

To get your ( short term property rental certificate ) / rental tourism residence certificate, you need to apply through e-government. According to the applicable laws and regulations, there are different legal requirements for real estate of different types and legal status. While you are required to obtain consent from other flat owners for flats in apartment buildings, this is not required for villa type real estate. There are different requirements for residence-type housing sites.

Penalties in case of violation of law ?

With the regulation made in daily rentals, it will now be considered a serious crime not to report the identity information of the renters to the law enforcement authorities. The permit that homeowners will receive from e-government is very important. There are criminal penalties for renting a house for short periods of time without a permit. There are criminal sanctions of up to 100 thousand to 1 million Turkish lira for those who rent houses for tourism purposes illegally.