Sirince Village

Sirince Village is located on the top of a mountain 8 km away from Selcuk. During the Ottoman era, it was a Rum village with approximately 1800 residents. After the people exchange between Greece and Turkey in 1923, the Greek population was replaced with the Turks coming mostly from Kavala, Greece. Today, the old Greek houses are under protection by the goverment. Turks built their economy mainly on tourism but farming is also an important income. Olives, peach, figs, apple and walnuts are some of the products of the village.

The old Rum houses are now converted into boutique hotels. Wıth their authentic and traditional atmosphere, they attract a lot of tourists. The village has a beautiful nature. It is also famous for wine tasting at small wine houses at almost every corner. These cosy places offer a wide range of fruit wines from blackberry wine to mandarine wine, from peach wine to cherry wine.

The streets of the village are like a small market where the villagers sell their needle works, knitted socks, homemade dried winter soup, olive oil and many other local products. Sirince village is usually very crowded on Sundays. From Selcuk minibus station, Sirince dolmuses are available every 30 min.

Sirince village breakfast offers a delicious option, usually enriched with local products. Breakfast is usually served with a variety of ingredients such as fresh breads, cheeses, olives, tomatoes, salads, jams, butter, honey and various local desserts. In addition, in some places you can find many homemade delicacies made from local products of the village. Şirince village breakfast is usually served outdoors, accompanied by beautiful views of historical places. This breakfast experience combines the natural beauty and historical atmosphere of the region to provide an unforgettable experience.