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Activities to Do in Kusadasi

Kusadasi Boat Tour

Brighten your day and enjoy a lazy day cruise with plenty of swimming, sightseeing and sunbathing. Take in the views as you pass the panoramic coastline of Kusadasi.

Swim in the clear waters of Soguksu Bay, Claros Island and Baradan Beach.

Lunch (B.B.Q with pasta and salad) is always served as an appetizing feast with the sea air.
Kusadasi Boat Tour with offers guests the opportunity to enjoy a free selection of soft drinks at lunch, as well as a cooked lunch on board, while discovering the magic of Kusadasi’s sea shores from the sea.

Sun loungers, toilets and a well stocked bar are all available on double-decker boats throughout the day.

Activities to Do in Kusadasi - Kuşadası Tatil Evi

Nature Walks

Mountain and nature walks can be done on different tracks in and around Kuşadası, accompanied by panoramic views in history. In addition, there are different routes in the tours organized by the agencies for mountain bikes.

Horse Safari in Kusadasi

Suitable for all ages and skill levels, beginners or experienced. You will be taken to our horse farm, located in a peaceful forest area, just 8 km north of Kusadasi. A comprehensive instruction on the basics of horseback riding followed by a practice training in the paddock will ensure the comfort and confidence of all riders. No experience is needed to enjoy this great activity, just sit on the saddle and let your horse do the rest. Our calm horses do their best for their shy riders. The tour begins with an easy ride on trails surrounded by pine forests and cotton fields, where you and your horse will enjoy the refreshing air of the forests and fields. The unique riding experience is bound to be one of the highlights of your vacation. Experienced riders have the chance to test their skills during the grueling snack in Kusadasi.

Activities to Do in Kusadasi - Kuşadası Tatil Evi

Children can ride their own horses, provided that the consenting parent/legal guardian also participates in the tour. Small children and ultra-timid riders are provided free of charge, step aside and fully hold the reins. Babies and young children who cannot ride their horses can join the Horse Safari. Also, your friends who don’t want to ride can join the tours as ‘Visitors’ and stay on the farm while they travel. An unforgettable half-day fun with the beautiful creatures of nature. Duration It lasts approximately 3 hours 40 minutes from 09:20 to 13:00.


ATV – Quad Safari

It is a driving sport full of adrenaline and excitement, which is done in an environment full of scenery and nature, sometimes muddy and sometimes watery, with 4-Wheel Motors. You do not need to know how to drive or have a license. It is a sport that everyone can do and enjoy. After a short briefing and introductory information, you will be able to master the ATV Engine after a few minutes of warm-up and test drive.


Travel Guide for Water Sports Lovers

Did you know that you can do any of the water sports you want at any time of the year, regardless of summer or winter season? Many beautiful regions of our country are waiting for you so that you can do water sports as you wish, whether in the summer or in the winter.

Be sure to check out our list of regions and branches where you can experience the most popular water sports such as surfing or diving! First of all, we need to point out that you need to be trained in order to try these sports on your next holiday.

1- Canoe

If you want to learn or experience canoeing, you can start in slalom or speed canoes. Just like other sports branches, water sports of course require training. You can also experience canoeing, which is made at the Olympic level in Turkey, in an amateur way by training.

Canoeing is an ideal water sport for you to discover the natural beauties on the water while you are enjoying the fresh waters. You have to listen to the movements of the water in order to accurately accelerate the canoe you are using in the water. In this way, you can establish a real connection with nature.

Half an hour of training for this water sport is an ideal time for a beginner. If you want to receive a more professional training in canoeing, you must have the physical condition required for this water sport. With professional kona training, you can go on a nature exploration with a single mansion in high flow streams.

For canoeing, you can visit Terkos Lake in Istanbul, Fırtına Creek in the Black Sea, Melen and Sarısu regions.


2- Windsurfing

In our Travel Guide for Water Sports Lovers, it’s time for windsurfing, one of the most popular water sports! This sport, in which you slide towards the shore with the help of the wind on the surfboard, gives you very exciting moments. How fast or slow you go in windsurfing, one of the oldest water sports in the world, depends entirely on the wind.

Just like other water sports, windsurfing requires training. You can fall and get up on the water many times during the training, which requires at least a week. You can visit Çeşme / Alaçatı and İzmir / Seferihisar regions for this sport, which is enjoyable and fun at every stage.

3- Kiteboard

Kiteboard, which is among the most entertaining sports in the world, is of course included in this list. We said it is one of the most entertaining sports in the world because you can both swim and fly in this water sport. It is enough to have swimming skills for kiteboarding.

So how is kiteboarding done? In this fun water sport, where you are tied to a kite from your waist and glide quickly on the waves with a mono board under your feet, the force of the wind makes your feet swept off the ground!

You can easily rent the materials needed for kiteboarding. Cesme and Istanbul are the most suitable regions to experience kiteboarding in Turkey.

4- Water Ski

Water skiing, which is one of the most popular water sports, is a very fun water sport where a motor boat pulls you above the water. In water skiing, which is carried out as two skis under your feet, you switch from two skis to mono as you become professional.

You can try water skiing, which is also very popular in Turkey, in Yalı farm area of Bodrum. Also, Antalya is an ideal region for this sport.

5- Rafting

Next on our list of travel guides for water sports lovers is an adrenaline-charged sport: Rafting! Rafting, which is a river sport, allows you to experience very exciting moments. The sport, which is done in groups of six or eight on inflatable boats called rafts, is literally a team sport!

During rafting, the difficulty of the course grades can change. The depth of the stream, its beds, the flow rate and the frequency of the rocks are among the important factors of this sport. Rafting requires training just like any other sport. Even if the first tracks are not, the next tracks have difficulties that cannot be completed without training.

Çoruh, Manavgat, Melen and Dalaman Streams, Fırtına Creek are among the most suitable places to experience the excitement of rafting in Turkey.

If you want to have an alternative and exciting experience, you can have this experience with water sports. You can see sunken cities under water waiting to be discovered, swim with the fish, learn to move with the wind and waves, and have a pleasant time by learning the team spirit in the best way.

You don’t have to wait for the summer months for water sports. Every region of Turkey has very suitable routes for you to do these water sports in any season of the year! You can step into a new excitement by easily experiencing every water sport on our list on your domestic trip.

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