Experience a privileged holiday in locally managed rental villas.

As a short-term rental company in Kuşadası and its surroundings, we have been serving since 2010. Since we know how important your holiday is, we manage and provide services with our Kusadasi-based office so that things go smoothly. We work with professional cleaning companies. We strictly comply with all laws in the legislation. Our main goal is to protect our principle of mutual respect and honesty in our behavior towards our guests and employees.

In order to spend a peaceful and decent holiday with your loved ones, we promise you the holiday of your dreams, with conservative and sheltered villas, honeymoon villas and various rental options for your special days. We offer villas with children's pools for our guests that have children from our various villas with different features.

As Kuşadası Tatilevi, we offer options for different accommodation needs. Our guests can stay comfortably in sheltered luxury villas with private pools or in carefully decorated 1+1 or 2+1 residence apartments with pool and gym. Our facilities are simply but detailed, equipped with modern and comfortable furniture, all kitchen equipment and other necessary amenities. 

Kuşadası Tatilevi offers a 24/7 reception team, airport transfer services to make our guests' holidays comfortable and enjoyable. We do our best to meet all the needs of our guests. As Kuşadası Tatilevi, we aim to offer our guests a quality and unforgettable holiday experience.